Mara Salvatrucha 13 is a phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of those who are forced to live within their territory as well their enemies. The FBI considers MS 13 to be one of if not the most violent gang located in North America. It is the only gang for which the FBI has created a task force and recently the U.S. government upgraded them to international status. Yet, except for those Americans, immigrants and illegals who are forced to live within their territory, most Americans have never heard of Mara Salvatrucha 13. This has begun to change.

The problem of MS 13 goes back to the Clinton era. Nevertheless, recently the Obama administration has violated its Constitutional responsibility and made the Mexico-United States border open. Early in 2012 Obama created the Dream Act which was viewed by many in Mexico and South America as an invitation to come to the United States. Illegal immigration rose precipitously during the summer of 2014 of which children, especially unaccompanied children, the main focus of the Dream Act, made up a very small percentage. The Mexican drug cartels took advantage of Obama's open border policy to move some of its operations and drugs onto U.S. soil.

MS 13 is the muscle for the cartels. Generally, it is believed that MS 13 is the muscle for the Sinaloa cartel but recently it has been revealed that they seem to be working with Los Zetas as well. MS 13 controlled territoriality in the West especially in Los Angeles as well as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Yet, media reports reveal MS 13 exists in places like Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York and New Jersey. They have been sighted in Ohio and Tennessee as well as other areas. MS 13 seems to be on the move and expanding their territorial influence as they move into an area to do the bidding of whatever cartel they are servicing.

MS 13 is a violent gang which kills as they protect the interests of their cartels and sometimes merely for the fun of it. The group is a clear and present danger to whomever might live within their influence and unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of the threat. The purpose of this website is to provide information which (1) counters the disinformation put out by liberals, (2) exposes the philosophy of MS 13, (3) provides their locations and actions and (4) educates the American populace to another Obama-created threat.