Monday, September 8, 2014

Armed Illegals (Gangs) In U.S.

Texas Sheriff: Gangs of Armed Illegals Marching Through South Texas

Thousands of illegals continue to pour into America, hoping to get awarded amnesty to stay, work, and apply for welfare benefits, all at taxpayer expense.

While the economic strain on communities who are being forced to provide care for illegals is immense, the biggest concern for local law enforcement is the increase in violent crime, as immigrants belonging to gangs and drug cartels cross the border in alarming numbers.

Border Patrol agents have been attacked on numerous occasions by illegals, and Texas ranchers have had their homes burglarized.

Click here to see pictures of Border Patrol agents being assaulted by violent illegals

Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence spoke with the media about the armed gangs of illegals that have been moving across the state and threatening ranchers who confront them.

According to The New America, Spence recounted a story told by a local rancher who encountered a group of armed illegals cutting across his land, and the confrontation that followed.

“About three or four months ago we had an individual who saw people walking through farm property in military fatigues, with backpacks.

He went out and asked them, “Who are you?” [and] they said, “What’s it to you?” He said he owned the property and they said, “Well you better get out of here.” Sensibly he left and called us, but by the time we got out there, they were gone.

We’ve had people say they’ve seen groups going through the fields in single file, with rifles as well.

[Sightings of illegal aliens have] picked up on the road where the incident with Javier Vega took place. It’s a very busy road for illegal immigrants. A couple of weeks ago we had fifty of them in three cars.

As soon as we lit them up the doors fly open and they’re off into the brush. You get some back and the next day you get some walking down the highway, but it’s getting more and more frequent and it’s getting more and more dangerous.

This concerns not only me here, but the other counties as well. These are not people seeking asylum legitimately; they have criminal intent and they are making money.”

This is scary. Armed illegals with violent criminal histories are getting into the country, with the sole intent of conducting illegal activity to make a quick buck.

Barack Obama, who is clearly blinded by his desire to implement more of his progressive agenda, is encouraging these people to come in to the country all so he can change demographics and increase the Democratic voter base by granting mass amnesty to illegals.

He is willingly placing the lives of American citizens at risk for political gain. It’s sickening and something needs to be done to put a permanent end to this type of immigration, and if the president refuses to take action, the states need to step in and fill the gap in leadership.

If Obama is unwilling to fulfill his job duties, then he needs to be fired, which is why citizens need to continue calling their representatives and demand they impeach the president for breaking the law and for dereliction of duty.

Source: Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

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