Sunday, June 11, 2017

I Was an MS 13 Gangmember

“Speedy,” now 28, was born in Central Islip, and joined MS-13 when he was 16. He refused to be identified by his real name or even his old underworld moniker. Even though it’s been nearly seven years since he left the group, he still fears reprisals. He tells his story for the first time, to The Post’s Isabel Vincent.
It happened in a park at night. Three gang members kicked and punched me all over my body — my arms, my back, my stomach, my hands, even my groin. Nothing was off-limits to them. They beat me for exactly 13 seconds, while one of the gang members kept time in the background, counting slowly.
I was an MS-13 gang member — and got out alive
I was 16 and had just been initiated into the most powerful gang, MS-13. I gritted my teeth so I didn’t scream out in pain while they beat me. Moments later, I was in so much pain I could barely stand up. But eventually I grew to enjoy beating others.
Hurting others made me feel invincible, like nothing is against you. If you have sadness inside you, it makes you happy.
The gang knows your weak spot. They understand you. They hear you. When they find your weakness, they go all the way in. . . 
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