Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Power of MS 13

The Ciudad Barrios prison sits just outside of town, surrounded by high walls topped with concertina wire. Soldiers in face-hiding balaclavas stood guard in sandbagged bunkers outside the prison. I’d heard that there are no guards inside the walls. 

The prison is dedicated solely to the most dangerous members of MS-13. Inside, the gang runs everything. When I approached the front door of the prison and spoke to the soldiers on the outside, not only did they confirm what I’d heard about the guards, but they said MS-13 pretty much controlled everything outside the walls as well. 

The prison holds several of the men who are considered to be “kingpins” of MS-13. It’s said they can put out a hit on someone 4,000 miles away in North Carolina, and within hours that person will die. . . 

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