Friday, November 24, 2017

Small Towns Ill Equipped Against MS 13

Fairfax County is a wealthy suburb in Virginia dotted with McMansions, upscale shopping malls and quiet cul-de-sacs.
But it is dealing with an issue not typically seen in the suburbs – a vicious gang infiltrating its schools and neighborhoods.
At least two teenagers were savagely killed. The culprit, some believe: MS-13 gang members.
Away from urban areas that have seen a rise in gang-related activity, MS-13’s brutality is turning up in small towns and communities across the country – places not always equipped or ready to deal with the growing and alarming threat.
In the last year or so, police say, the gang known for its execution-style shootings and machete-hacking deaths has cropped up in a tiny Colorado town, two Virginia suburbs and Annapolis, Md. In parts of Long Island, N.Y. MS-13 is terrorizing once-sleepy neighborhoods that are now experiencing a scourge of violent deaths. . . 
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